About Us


KALEMLIG is the most innovative and the top-quality pencil case brand in Turkey.


What Make Us Different?

  • Our innovative and creative approach
  • Unique design
  • Our care for every detail on products
  • Never comprimising on high quality for every single material used for the products from A to Z.
  • The most modern and high-tech facility in the sector which only focuses on manufacturing pencil cases
  • Top quality / competitive price
  • Our focus on P.O.S. and our innovative packaging and display which help retailers attract the end-users.


In 2016, a well-known Stationery Disributor; ARC STATIONERY founded its manufacturing facility to produce pencil cases. Thanks to the creative/innovative designs and material quality of its products, KALEMLIG brand became one of the most prestigious stationery brands of Turkey in a very short period of time.


Follow to its success in Turkish market, the company started focusing on Export market as well and soon after, it managed to obtain a considerable amount of distributors in many countries and started receiving a lot of demands from reputable international retailers.


Our goal is to reach customers all around the world and to become an internationally well-known brand soon.


CE Certificate

ce certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate